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In response to the rapid urbanization of India, noise levels have risen an average of 79 decibels. This is a significant concern because prolonged exposure can damage your hearing and even trigger stress-related issues with exhaustion or disrupted sleep patterns. Soundproof Windows can triger the concern.

With noise pollution at an all-time high, living in a quiet street is becoming less and less common. Unfortunately, even the more secluded areas are now inundated with blaring sounds of honking cars or neighbour’s incessantly barking dogs. Noise can have adverse effects on mental health; it contributes to increased stress levels as well as insomnia which makes people irritable during their waking hours too.

As the city becomes noisier, your home should be a safe haven for you to relax in. The soundproof windows will help do just that by trapping sound inside or outside of your apartment depending on what type of noise it is.

What is soundproof glass?

Soundproof glass is a type of laminated glass that consists of two or more layers containing Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB) in between. This PVB interlayer functions as an acoustic layer, providing exceptional sound absorption properties while giving the appearance of a single pane. Because it holds together multiple sheets like one big sheet and also has very good noise-reducing capabilities, this type of window can be used for homes where privacy and acoustics are desired such as recording studios or quiet offices with open spaces.

The specialized PVB membrane at the centre of a soundproof glass will prevent certain frequencies from transmitting through another windowpane. You can install different thicknesses depending on how much insulation you need for your house.

Benefits of soundproof glass


Laminated soundproof glass is a form of laminated safety glass that offers superior security. This type of protective pane isn’t easily broken because it has an inner PVB interlayer, which keeps the fragments bound to each other and prevents them from shattering into jagged pieces. If for some reason this does happen, you will be less likely to get injured by sharp shards since they’ll stay bundled together rather than falling out on their own accord.

Better Comfort

If you want to maintain a comfortable temperature inside your home, consider installing Low-E coated Soundproof glass. An effective insulator over the summer and winter, these windows will block heat from entering or exiting through them throughout both seasons. As a result of this insulation system that lowers artificial cooling or heating systems needed for the interiors, energy bills are lowered automatically.


Soundproof glass is excellent for home protection. This type of glass has a higher durability and strength, which makes it unbreakable if someone tries to break in through the window or door. Even though burglars know that they can’t enter your house with this protective feature installed on your windows and doors, Soundproof Glass guarantees safety knowing you won’t regret having them as an additional security measure at home!

Noise Reduction

The most obvious benefit of installing soundproof glass is that it can block outside sounds from cars, pedestrians, construction sites and more. This means you’ll turn your home into a protective bubble free from noise pollution! Installing soundproof glass will provide a nearly impenetrable shield between external noise and your ear blocking up to 90% of external noises.

UV Protection

You can protect your home from UV rays and sun glare by installing laminated soundproof glass. Not only will it keep harmful rays out, but also prevent damage to the upholstery, carpets, rugs or other furnishings inside of your house!

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