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Residential glass does more than just simply help with windows and doors. There are a variety of different types of glass, each associated with different applications to enhance privacy or security in your home while also enhancing the aesthetics inside as well as improving energy efficiency on the outside. Here is some information about commonly requested glasses for residential projects that may be able to meet those needs:

Insulated Residential Glass

When researching insulated glass doors and windows, make sure to keep an eye out for how they are rated. Different brands may perform differently so it is important that you know what you’re getting into before buying any product.

These types of window panes contain two or three layers with argon gas sandwiched in between them as a way to minimize heat transfer through the pane itself – this energy-efficient feature means your home will stay cool inside even if there’s direct sunlight outside! In addition to being environmentally friendly because argon doesn’t harm people or pets, it’s also odourless and colourless which makes these kinds of products very practical too since condensation buildup won’t be a problem anymore either due again thanks in part to the desiccant component within each

Safety and security window Film or Laminated Residential Glass

Laminated glass and security window film are used for their strength to protect people from flying debris during storms such as tree limbs. Security window film is frequently used in environments with strong storms, while laminated glass is produced through intense heat and pressure. Both types of protection can break; however, each contains shattered fragments that help prevent harm against structures or the people inside them.

Tinted Residential Glass

Tinted glass is popular in many applications, from automotive to residential and commercial. It’s functional too–reducing heat and glare while providing protection against the sun’s harmful UV rays for both people inside as well as their interiors. Tinting can also increase privacy by preventing outsiders from seeing into a building or car interior but it does this without blocking light completely so that those inside still benefit greatly on sunny days especially during summer when they might be more prone to overheating with regular glass windows.

Customers have requested tinted glasses not only because of its function but due to appearance reasons such tints serve better than curtains at keeping out prying eyes yet letting enough natural sunlight come through if desired.

Obscured Residential Glass

The use of obscure glass is primarily in bathrooms, doorways, and garages. It allows light to enter but obscures the view on the other side so only shadows are visible through it. For example, frosted glass can be used for bathroom windows because no one outside should see into a private room; etched or coated glass can be utilized as well since sometimes clear views aren’t necessary.

Mirrored Residential Glass

Mirrored glass is exactly what it sounds like. It appears to be reflective due to a metal coating and protective sealant applied on one side of the pane. The mirror effect creates an aesthetic appeal for decorative items such as walls, doors, or furniture.

Float Residential Glass

Float glass is a thin, smooth type of glass that gets its name from the manufacturing process used to produce it. Molten glass floats on top of molten tin and creates large panels known as float glass which are extremely colourless (and inexpensive). Float Glass can be found in insulating windows, doors, tabletops, shelves… It’s also great for crafts!

Low-Emissivity Residential Glass

Low-E glass is expensive, but it will save you a lot of money on your heating and cooling bill in the long run. It reflects heat back into or away from your house depending on what season it is, so during winter months when you need to keep warm Low-E keeps that warmth inside while reflecting cold outside.

In summertime with the air conditioning running constantly this coating blocks UV rays keeping things cooler for longer periods of time as well! Because its special properties are visible no matter if the sun shines through windows or not makes Low-Emitting Glass appear tinted; however, there’s nothing wrong with any window since they all provide excellent insulation performance at an affordable price point

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