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In the wonderful world of glass, mirror glass takes a significant place. Mirror panes can be used to specifically serve as mirrors and also for architectural and home decor purposes such as furniture tops or exterior facades. In this article, we will explore some ways in which you may use mirror glasses but before that let us understand how they are created so perfectly!

The Science Behind Mirror Glass

The modern mirror glass is made by silvering, which essentially consists of applying multiple layers of aluminium or silver on the backside of a float glass pane. It’s important to understand that light reflects best from surfaces that are non-diffusive; this means opaque. Modern innovation in mirror glasses begins with smoothening and flattening the inside surface before coating it uniformly with metal coatings applied to its inner side.It is easy to tell if one of these coats ends up being thicker or thinner than the rest, you either will look too thin or fat. If this coating becomes scratched and dimmed then it’ll be uneven across your mirror. And in case we put on a coat that’s too light, you can see through to the other side slightly anyway.

Difference Between Mirror Glass and One-Sided Mirror Glass

One-sided mirrors, also referred to as one-way or interrogation mirrors are used in various situations where a person is required to answer questions without letting the interrogator know what he looks like. For example, when suspects go through an interview and have no way of identifying their interviewer apart from his voice, these types of mirrors can be extremely useful. One side allows for reflection while not being opaque at all unlike regular glass that makes it nearly impossible for anyone on the other side to see anything more than a blur which would make them think twice before they try anything fishy with you on this end!

Mirror glass

If you want to make your bedroom or drawing room feel bigger, install a mirror glass. This will give an illusion of space as it makes the area look larger than its actual size. For instance, place a full-length mirror on one side of the corridor and this will create an extra sense of depth within that small space making it seem like there is more beyond what can be seen with our eyes. Similarly, placing mirrors in corners would also liven up these areas by creating two reflections instead of just one which adds character to any empty walls.

Brightens up Spaces

Place two mirror glass panes facing each other on opposite sides of the room. Alternatively, place a mirror opposite a window to brighten up your space with reflected light. Installing ceiling-to-floor length mirrors in the passage leading to your main door will also make it brighter and more inviting for guests.

Creates Focal Points

Adding a focal point to your room can be done by hanging an array of framed mirrors or convex shaped mirror tiles on one wall. This will create true eye candy and amplify any feature that already exists in the space.

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