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5 Types of Commercial Glass to Consider for Your Storefront

Glass storefronts give businesses a modern look, but they also provide several key benefits. Choosing the right type of commercial glass for your store comes with considerations like safety and energy efficiency as well as aesthetics and quality. Here are some popular types of commercial business stores tend to use:

1. Clear or Transparent  Commercial Glass

Clear glass has proven itself as a traditional choice for storefront windows & storefront commercial glass doors, with good reason. People both outside looking in at goods available within the store but also those working on items need clear visibility so that others might watch them work if desired while still providing an open feel not feeling closed off from potential shoppers passing by. It provides transparency showing all there is about one without having any secrets hidden away creating trustworthiness.

2. Tinted or Coated Commercial Glass

When a business uses tinted commercial glass, they give their patrons some privacy but just enough transparency that people can still peek inside. Tints are also good for storefronts during sunny days as it can block harsh UV light and help keep the store cooler too.

Tinted glass protects a storefront by making it harder for people to see inside after the business closes. Tints can range from dark shades, and you can add coatings that give your tint more protection as well.

3. Frosted Commercial Glass

Frosted commercial glass shares the same benefits as tinted glass, but it has a more subtle effect on the storefront. This type of glass adds brightness to your storefront while allowing some privacy for passersby in front windows.

Glass that is both frosted and translucent helps to keep privacy while letting in natural light. Businesses would do well to use this type of glass for their offices as it provides a private, but open feeling at the same time.

4. Safety Commercial Glass

Safety commercial glass is a term for all types of different kinds of glasses that are designed to promote security and protection. Some safety glass can be clear, tinted or frosted but each type has the potential to withstand blunt force attack from an object such as rocks, bricks etc., or accidents that might normally break regular old window panes. Some types of safety glass can include:

  • Tempered Glass: Tempered or toughened glass is a type of safety glass that increases strength compared to normal glass. When it breaks, instead of having sharp splinters like regular annealed (softened) glasses would have, they shatter into small granular chunks which are less likely to cause injury.
  • Security Glass: Security glass is a type of safety glass that features additional layers, coatings and other materials to make it less likely to break. When broken, this special kind of security glass won’t shatter but instead crumbles into small pieces with little sharp edges which are not dangerous when scattered on the floor or ground.
  • Laminated Glass: Laminated glass is used as a safety measure in many places, including windshields. When it breaks, the interlayer between layers holds them together and causes spider web patterns to appear on its surface instead of shattering into large pieces.
  • Wired glass: Wired glass was an early form of safety glazing that would catch most of the broken glass and prevent it from falling. The fire retardant made sure to hold all the pieces together in case there is a high-temperature exposure or if they do break, which prevented any injuries during those circumstances.

5. Insulated Commercial Glass

To provide insulation, the commercial glass comes in a variety of types. They include:

  • Dual-pane glass
  • Gas-filled glass
  • Treated glass

Insulated commercial glass gives your HVAC system the ability to perform more efficiently by reducing both heating and cooling loss. These windows are able to provide insulation properties without needing a change in their appearance; clear insulated glass is simply tinted or coated for its benefits.

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