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Are you looking for a glass railing? You’ve come to the right place! Here are 5 things you need to know before starting your project.

Glass railing is a popular and high-end choice for modern homes. It makes spaces feel bigger, adds openness, luxury and value to the home while offering incredible safety features if designed with these elements in mind.

Glass has a stunning visual impact that contributes to making space seem larger than it actually is due to light flow without harsh obstructions from wooden handrails or spindles found on traditional railings made of wood which were very common decades ago before this trend took off because glass also reflects light rather well so we can see why homeowners are opting out of traditional materials!

Balcony railing made of glass and stainless steel

Here are 5 things to consider when looking into glass railing for your home:

  1. There is a variety of types and styles of glass railings available to choose from when designing your house or business space.

A glass railing is a great way to add elegance, sophistication and style to your home. There are many ways you can install glass railing depending on the design of your house or apartment; it all depends on what look fits with the feel that you want for each space in your living area. Specialized glass railing for staircase and Rail categorizes interior glass railing into 3 main categories: dadoed, standoff, and clamped.

Dadoed Glass Railing

Dadoed glass railings is a system where the glass panels are secured within the top and bottom railings by wood. With no need for clips or hardware, this makes it look very clean from all angles.

Standoff Glass Railing

Standoff glass railing is an interesting and creative system where the panels are secured with standoffs. The holes in each panel must be pre-drilled, it has to be levelled onto its place, and then security brackets ensure that they stay put on their locations by attaching them into a vertical face of stairway or flooring structure.

This can even be done as a frameless system which only requires minimal hardware components to make up for this look; however one needs to decide at early stage whether they wish to implement such type of design because there should always exist enough support behind these glasses during installation process since it’s actually fastened through special method rather than using usual screws or nails like most traditional systems do!

Balcony railing made of glass and stainless steel

Clamped Glass Railing

Some people appreciate how Clamped Glass Railing uses glass clips mounted to posts or occasionally the railing or shoe, which gives them a choice between wood and steel. It is also appealing since it highlights your hardware (steel or black).

2. Consider safety and local building codes

Specialized Stair and Rail offers a tempered glass of the highest quality. This type of heat-treated glass increases surface strength, changes break pattern when fractured or broken, and shatters into tiny cubes upon impact to ensure safety for everyone around it.

Laminated glass is a protective layer fused between 2 pieces of ordinary glass that provide an added strength and safety. In the case it breaks, one side shatters while the other stays intact to protect you from shards.

3. Glass railing requires maintenance

The glass railing is a great option for people with busy lifestyles. It requires only light maintenance to keep it looking good, but also looks much better than the dirty wood product! A soft cloth, soap/vinegar and water are all you need. No abrasive scrubbers allowed!

4. Consider budget and cost

Glass railings are one of the more expensive types, but dadoed glass railing is a great option for those on a budget. The thin 6mm design requires less polishing and fewer holes than thicker styles giving you better value despite its higher end price point. If money isn’t an issue then note quality when making selections as it will significantly improve style and function in the long run!

5. The experience of the company and installers is very important

We want our railing to be perfect and that’s why we have a custom-designed, made-to-order system. The exactness of design is crucial for the overall quality and style of the finished product because an improperly installed rail can not only look ugly but also dangerous as well! To see examples of what you’re looking for in terms of “finished products,” make sure you choose someone with experience who has been doing this kind work successfully before.

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