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Tempered glass is often known as tuffen glass have several reasons to be preferred over annealed glass. One of them being their higher degree of safety and protection as compared to the regular Annealed Glass which could be used for residential purposes or even commercial, but this doesn’t mean that one can completely rely on it when comes to its application in architectural projects like buildings etc since it might not be able to provide all-round security from natural disasters such as earthquakes due to its brittle nature despite providing a good amount of resistance against impact loads applied by wind blasts and vehicular accidents especially at high speeds.

But apart from these two factors mentioned above, there are other impressive benefits where architects prefer using Tempered Glass than any other types available in the market today because they find themselves more comfortable. So let’s discuss the various benefits and applications of Tempered Glass or tuffen glass. 


When it comes to safety, tempered glass is no joke. It’s estimated at being 4-5 times stronger than regular annealed glass with the same configuration and thickness! To put this into perspective, residual surface compression must be over 10k psi for 6mm according to ASTM C1048. Tempered Glass behaves very differently from Laminated glasses or Standard glasses in that way; it reduces the risk of injury rather than increasing as others do.

Tempered Glass is a type of safety glass that, as the name suggests, is a material that fulfils the safety standard codes of various organizations. This makes it ideal to be used in schools, commercial buildings, government offices, etc.

Impact Resistance 

Putting a new spin on safety glass, Tempered Glass is treated with heat and then cooled to make the edges smooth. It breaks into tiny fragments when it’s involved in an accident so that broken pieces won’t be dangerous or cause major injuries.

It is difficult for a person or animal to be injured by the minute pieces because there are so many small shards and each one isn’t sharp enough on its own.

UV Protection

When you shop at Shree Mahalaxmi glass center, We have the option of customizing your glasses. This gives you an estimated SPF 15 and safety from up to 65% UV rays!

Shopping for Residential or Commercial Tempered Glass?  At Shree Mahalaxmi glass center, there is a unique customization process that allows customers’ needs and requirements be satiated while ensuring high quality tempered window panes are selected according to specifications.

Sound Proofing & Heat Resistance 

Toughened Glass has twice the capability of standard glass, making it a great tool for soundproofing and heat resistance. This is why recording studios, restaurants, cinemas halls etc have tempered glasses installed in their structures as they provide superior noise insulation while also being resistant to high temperatures up to 250 degrees Celsius! As compared with annealed glass which breaks easily even under low temperatures (a mere 20 degrees C), toughened glass can withstand much higher temperatures without breaking thus proving its usefulness when manufacturing cookware too where heat-resistant properties are required.

Available in Various Design & Patterns

Custom colour tempered glass is available in a variety of patterns and designs. For example, you can choose clear or frosted options as well as various colours   for the exterior to create your own look that fits with any space

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