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We live in an age where we can see glass being used both inside and outside our homes. Glass has been incorporated into doors, windows, supporting structures – you name it! While all this is happening there are developments that might be of interest to us… like spider glazing installed with the help of a common piece called “glass spider fitting.”

Spider glazing systems are a high-end glass support system that uses stainless steel fixings to absorb and distribute loads including dead weight, expansion due to fluctuations in temperature, and wind loading. Fixing packages include fasteners for the glass as well as brackets designed specifically for spider glazing.

Here are the top 5 benefits of installing spider glazing.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

Spider glazing systems are widely used in offices and buildings because they’re easy to install. All uPVC doors or windows can easily be inserted into glass areas with spider glazed panels.


A spider glazing is a flexible medium that can be customized to fit your needs. You’ll get glass hardware fittings, such as swarms of rods and screws so you can create designs for the canopy or frame-less entrances to suit your preference.


Spider glazing provides maximum transparency and natural light to the building interiors. Therefore, spider glazing curtain walls are widely used in commercial buildings for providing daylighting. They can be found with unique designs that allow brightness optimization which makes them excellent choices for canopies, curtain wall systems and atriums.

Unobtrusive Appearance

Spider glazing is a great benefit to the building because it provides an unobtrusive appearance and enhances the external look of buildings due to its edgy architecture.


Modern-day spider glazing is made from stainless steel materials that have been weather resistant. This ensures the structure will be durable and rustproof during unstable or inclement weather conditions which can affect its durability.

Why is it Required?

With the constant development in science and technology, glass has been found more useful than ever before. It is used for internal structures such as doors, windows, furniture and many other things. This extensive use of glass led to new technologies supporting these structures including Spider Glazing which secures exterior bolted assemblies using point fixings.

These specific stainless steel fixings are designed to be completely adjustable and absorb all static and dynamic loads, such as the dead weight of the glass. The load is then distributed between multiple points on the support structure instead of putting a lot of pressure onto one point that may not hold it up properly.

Spider glazing provides complete transparency with maximum natural light for your interiors while also taking into account various weather conditions or temperature changes that might have an effect on expansion/contraction in certain areas where there’s more heat or cold present than usual which could potentially cause cracks in other types of installable materials without this type of specialized system installed beforehand accordingly from day 1 so you don’t end up having problems later down the line (which can get expensive).

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